Nurgül Yeşilçay

Alanur, the distant daughter of an aristocratic family, grew up without knowing parental love or real communication. Rules were important when she was growing up.

She talked to her family as if they were people that you are supposed to speak formally and this situation turned her into a woman who could not establish an internal dialogue with herself. That’s why she needs all the affirmations from the outside.

Farewell Letter - All Cast


Farewell Letter

Like any other young girl, Zeynep dreams of being a social media influencer to escape her poor life. But while she is trying to achieve that, she also has to be a “mother” to her father. Because the 45-year-old man has the mind and emotions of a 5-year-old kid. With his toy car, childish jokes, and behaviour, Kadir is like a kid, in an adult costume. He’s the way he is because of the umbilical cord that was wrapped around his neck when he was in his mother’s womb. Kadir was born as a “test”, both for his parents and his child. At least, that’s what Zeynep’s grandpa says to her. Zeynep dreams big, and she tries to get away from the troubles of her aunt’s house; from her shakedown in a small room in which neither she nor her cousins can fit; from her uncle, who blames them and oppresses her aunt; from her aunt’s enraged exhaustion; from the impossible; and poverty.