Burcu Almeman

Love And Hope – Cast If sacrifice and motherhood were painted, her portrait would be drawn. She brought her daughter Elif to these days by

Serap Önder

Love And Hope – Cast She is a wealthy woman from Kayseri’s gentry, loyal to her traditions, but able to adapt to her surroundings. She

Gamze İğdiroğlu

Love And Hope – Cast Smart, shrewd, well-groomed, sociable and, yes, very popular. She’s got all the modern-day success stereotypes. She specialises in getting what

Cemre Kurum

Love And Hope – Cast She is beautiful, intelligent and determined to get what she wants from life. She started life with one score behind,

Hakan Dinçkol

Love And Hope – Cast Handsome, determined. He achieves what he wants naturally. He is skilful in overcoming obstacles. He is fond of his freedom.

Melis Girşen

Love And Hope – Cast Perhaps without realising it, she carried the burden of being the first child of successful parents… That’s why she found

Zafer Demircan

Love And Hope – Cast A beautiful, intelligent, balanced woman. She is a good wife and a good mother. She loves her husband and children

Arda Esen

Love And Hope – Cast Balanced, successful, optimistic… A good lawyer, a good father, a good husband… His only problem is that he could not

Özgür Kaymak

Love And Hope – Cast She is a proud, devoted and loving mother. So much so that she even risks losing her daughter’s love for

Mine Çayıroğlu

Love And Hope – Cast Handan’s mum. She suffered a lot of poverty in her youth, but later became rich. Now she is desperate to