YEAR: 2013
DURATION: 147 Commercial Hour


Demet is a self-sacrificing woman who raised her daughter Zeynep by herself. What happened with Zeynep’s father has been kept as a secret by Demet for many years. Everything starts changing with the closure of Demet’s shop. While dealing with financial difficulties, she receives a helping hand from her best friend Jale, who is the headmistress at one of the most prestigious private schools in İstanbul. She offers to help Demet and Zeynep move to İstanbul. This offers is to compensate the mistake Jale made many years ago. She finds a job for Demet at her sister’s shop and this job brings Demet a great surprise. Zeynep finds it hard to adapt to İstanbul. On her first day at school, Zeynep and Kerem, quarrel with each other. Kerem is the only son of the school owner. He rules the school as if it were his kingdom, he tortures anyone who annoys him. Zeynep saves one of her peers from being tortured without knowing that she will pay for it. He tries to make her apologize in front of the school. Zeynep refuses and challenges him. By doing so, she receives support from Barış, a boy Kerem loves like a brother. The fact that Zeynep could be a successful athlete is noticed by her gym teacher, Cihan who also had a relationship with Zeynep’s mother when they were teenagers. Cihan begins to pay more attention to this talented woman. But Cihan’s daughter Melis, who is also a student at the same school doesn’t like this situation at all. Melis offers to help Kerem, whom she has a crush on, to teach Zeynep a lesson. Kerem is fixated on revenge and has already begun the countdown for a plan that will make Zeynep the laughing stock of the whole school…

Will Zeynep find happiness and her missing father in Istanbul?

Will Kerem’s fixation on revenge turn into love?

Will Melis still hate Zeynep after knowing who she really is?

Will Demet reveal the big secret to Zeynep and Cihan?