YEAR: 2015
DURATION: 31 Commercial Hour


Growing up in an orphanage her only wish was to meet her parents. Yaz does meet her parents, but at a very hectic time of her life. The day that Yaz missed the episode of her favorite TV show, “Don’t Lose Hope” hosted by Umut Erpek, an unexpected truth involving Yaz come to light. A nurse getting through to the show, confesses that Umut didn’t give birth to a stillborn child 18 years ago, the supposed stillborn child, Yaz, was alive and given to an orphanage. Yaz was born when Umut and Mert were only 18 years old as a result of a one night stand. After learning that her daughter is alive, Umut tries to find her daughter and finds out that Doğu, Mert’s father, is the person who originally spread the lie- that Yaz was a stillborn child. Due to the fact that Mert let Umut down when she was pregnant, Umut and Mert will have tense confrontations. Mert, whose parents, Nevra and Doğu, have always wanted him to be a famous surgeon, makes a living by making music and selling motorcycle parts out of his home-studio. Mert gets himself into trouble after his employer failed to pay him. When he meets his mom to ask for money, he finds out about Yaz, a secret kept from him for years. However, Mert, unlike Umut, can’t accept the idea of being a parent at this age. After Yaz comprehends the fact that her mother is her celebrity idol, Umut Erpek, and her father Mert doesn’t want to play the role of her father, she will first try to deny the truth to herself and then she will do her best to draw the family together.