YEAR: 2013
DURATION: 13 Original Episodes


Murat is a sergeant in the Homicide Department. He looks tough, however, underneath it all he doesn’t take life so seriously. The only thing he is serious about is his work. He attracts attention wherever he goes, with the stories he tells, the songs he hums and his charisma. When people tell him that very few cops like him remain, he laughs it off. According to him, every rooster should rule its own roost. Nazlı is a young sergeant who has just finished her education abroad with the highest marks. As she is a well-educated daughter of a rich family, her insistence on being a police officer makes a lot of people around her curious. She refuses better positions that would look good on her CV and insists on being in the field like a regular sergeant. Her biggest dream is to work in the Homicide Department. Murat and Nazlı, knew that they wouldn’t get along with each other the minute they met, but now their boss has assigned them to work as partners. Murat can’t accept the fact that they will work together. According to him, this rookie who is fresh out of school and claims to know it all is going to be nothing but a hindrance. For Nazlı, the situation is pretty much the same. She can’t work with a man as rude as him and who doesn’t know how to talk with anyone politely. He is also extremely sexist! Murat can’t help laughing whenever he looks at Nazlı. He is pretty sure that she can’t put up with this problematic part of İstanbul more than a few days. All he has to do is wait. It won’t be long before Nazlı gives up in tears and wants to be transferred to a desk job. Nazlı and Murat are like black and white, but they have one point in common. They are both great murder detectives, catching criminals and closing cases. All they have to do is learn to work together.