YEAR: 2020


Derin falls in love with Yiğit, a married man, and becomes pregnant from him. But Yiğit does not take care of her. The only person who knows that Derin is pregnant is Kenan who is like a brother to her. However, Kenan is obsessively in love with Derin. Day after day, his boredom starts to hurt Derin. Derin finally goes to Yiğit's home and tells the facts to his mother as a remedy. Thus, Derin thinks that he will get rid of the trouble of Kenan for a while.

This is a good opportunity for Yiğit's mother, Nimet, who cannot still have a grandchild from her bride and who feels longing for grandchildren. For this, he offers Derin to stay as a maid at home until the baby is born, and then to leave the baby and go. Derin has no choice but to accept this offer. As her pregnancy progresses, she begins to feel how difficult it will be to comply with her agreement. It hurts that her baby will call another mother and has to leave the baby. Then she makes a simple plan. When she has enough money, she will take her baby and disappear mysteriously.

During this period, she gains his trust by keeping well with Yiğit, but things do not go as planned. When she is about to escape with her baby, all her plans are turned upside down due to a tragic mistake and she vanishes. Her sister Ela, who has not heard from Derin for a long time, will come to the house where her brother works and will pursue what happens to her sister by hiding her identity.