YEAR: 2020
DURATION: 2 Original Episodes


"Maids" is the remake of the Mexican telenovela "Ellas son la Alegría del Hogar", which was broadcasted on Canal 2 at 2009 and adapted from the original script "Polvo de Estrellas". 

Maids, tells the story of 4 maids working in 4 different houses at a luxury compound Cennet Sitesi; in İstanbul and their mysterious and intriguing relations with their landlords.

The disappear of Atahans’ grandchild will be the matching story of all 4 maids and families. The truth chaser Ela will reveal all the secrets one by one and will prove that nobody is innocent.

Atiye who is mothering the household’s little baby but longing for her own child will deeply affect the audience with her love for her husband and her nonstop teardrops.

Hacer, who grew up as a handmaid at the house of that her mother works as a maid, selects the same destiny for her own daughter Çiçek. Hacer’s secrets will not only change her own life but will shake the whole Cennet Sitesi households’ lives including her daughter Çiçek’s.

Çiçek, Hacer’s daughter, is the youngest maid at the age of 19. The dreamer Çiçek will meet with the bitter truths of life while she grows up.