YEAR: 2016
DURATION: 44 Commercial Hour


Gokce Senkal, is a young Ad executive who is dealing with the troubles of being a single, 30-something year old woman in Istanbul. Gokce seems to be doomed to attend the weddings of her girlfriends on her own. She feels like a loser at home,as the middle child of her family. Her older sister Nilufer is already married and five months pregnant. Her sister Sezen is the opposite of Gokce and has no difficulty finding new boyfriends. Gokce also has a major crush on her boss Demir, who doesn’t even notice her. Demir Cerrahoglu runs Agency237 founded by his father Hulusi Cerrahoglu. Demir is 32 years old and the most eligible bachelor in Istanbul. He is good looking, well-educated and from a wealthy family. Demir is tired of dating phony women attracted to him for his fame and fortune and is looking to find someone special. Gokce’s best friend Kaan, is the owner of her neighborhood café. Gokce turns to him for relationship advice and ways to get Demir to notice her. However, Gokce is not aware of the secret in Kaan’s life. Kaan was a rebellious young man who grew up in the streets. He had a tumultuous love affair with Demir’s sister Duru in the past. Demir and his parents could find no other option but to send Duru to study in the US in effort to end her relationship with Kaan. Although Kaan thinks that he may have a chance to settle the score with Demir by using Gokce, he soon ends up finding himself falling for her. Gokce’s parents are divorced. Bartu, Gokces older brother, returns home after having finished his military service. He is a relentless freeloader who can’t keep a job and therefore the black sheep of the family. He sticks his nose into his sister’s love life and drives the whole family crazy.