YEAR: 2004
DURATION: 44x60'


Leaving childhood, getting close to the hardships of life, will everything still be that pure? Relationships, quarrels, problems, ideals, and lives of a couple of young people at the university age, meeting life alone for the first time. Yesim, naIve, and harmless who got Into the veterinary school as an undergrad, came to Istanbul. While trying to find a place to stay on the enrollment day, she meets Tolga, who is in the same faculty with her but who became such a rogue because of failing the same courses every year. Then Yesim finds herself being Tolga’s roomate. Tolga’s pals are like a band which is formed of a group of theatre, music, veterinary and medicine students and they find this sudden decision of him meaningless. His pals enjoy discussing Tolga’s girlfriend Arzu’s reaction by the time she figures out that he has become roomIe with Yesim who is such a beautIe. It is time to face life all alone.