YEAR: 2017
DURATION: 9 Original Episodes


While working as a pediatric nurse at a hospital in Amsterdam, Zeyno gets impregnated by the first man she fell in love with. Dreaming of starting a happy family with the man she loves, Zeyno has no idea about what is planned for her. Zeyno's momentary anger although costs her her son, it creates an unbreakable bond between her and the Akbas family. The Akbaş family is Turkey's leading family in the energy industry. On top of the power struggle within the family, troubles of the members of the family with their spouses and children make life harder for the Akbaş family. The story of Zeyno who turns from a young innocent girl crushed under her big dream into a brave, fighting and ruthless young woman. Blood Ties is the story of Aslan and his continuous battel with himself, who is stuck between his conscience and obligations, who has lost all hope for love when his life got turned upside down in just one day. It is the story of Zümrüt who is forced to make the hardest decision in her life as a result of a mistake caused by desperation. The story of Hünkar who challenges everything to get power in the shadow of his big secret, of Cevahir who leads his life with his fad and a devil-may-care mentality, and of Seher who waits around until her day finally comes, It’s the story of two children whose lives and fates are forever bound. It is the story of two women who would do anything and everything for their children...

How far will you go to save your child?