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Senden Once
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Hakan Dagistan, the owner of a prominent construction company, grapples with a strained marriage to Merve, his wife of six months. Despite attempts to mend their relationship, Merve remains silent about the underlying issues. Desperate for resolution, Hakan tries one last conversation before a crucial business trip. However, Merve carries a secret that she cannot reveal under any circumstances. During Hakan’s trip, he meets Sahra, sparking a forbidden affair. Complications arise when Merve unexpectedly appears at the hotel, discovering her husband’s infidelity. Sahra and Merve share a history, having grown up together in an orphanage. Merve’s silence roots in a promise made to Sahra, a promise she couldn’t keep when she fell in love with Hakan. Despite Merve’s attempts to express her love, Sahra remains steadfast in their devised plan. A complex dynamic unfolds as Merve refuses to let go of her husband, while Sahra warns about trusting men based on their shared past struggles. The two women become entangled in a silent war. Sahra’s goal is to rekindle her relationship with Hakan. Success means the pursuit of their shared goals continues, but failure prompts Sahra to retreat at Merve’s request. Accepting Sahra’s proposal, a cold, silent, and secretive war begins. Sahra’s initial target isn’t Hakan but his brother, Kaan, straining family ties and setting the stage for a gripping tale of love, betrayal, and hidden promises.


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Betrayals English E01

Betrayals Spanish E01



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