YEAR: 2011


“My Doctor” is aired on Kanal D every morning during the weekdays from 8:45am- 10:45am and is hosted by Op. Dr. Aytuğ Kolankaya and Zahide Yetiş.

“My Doctor”, which is recorded  and broadcasted LIVE from 6 different cameras, raises awareness on health and disease issues and serves for the good of public health.

First it started as a morning TV Program, in it’s second season it became a social responsibility movement. Until today, “My Doctor” has responded to many who requested help, and mediated people, who did not have the financial sources to get treatment, to recover.

“My Doctor” brings together the most successful specialists in their fields and the viewers in front of the cameras. It simplifies the complicated medical literacy and successfully delivers it to the audience. It presents the hard to understand health topics by using models, animations and impersonations which makes the viewers kind of have anatomy lessons at their homes. Being the first TV Program in this field and influencing many other producers to create similar productions, “My Doctor” has become a part of a wide audience’s life style.

“My Doctor” has changed the routine morning TV Shows habits and it became one of the highest rated programs in its time slot.