Gelinim Mutfakta
YEAR: 2018
DURATION: Onair- Daily TP or OPT


Bride In The Kitchen is a reality cooking show. There are 4 brides each week competing eachothers with their mothers in law. The mothers in law asisst and judge them during cooking. They have 90 seconds to discuss the meal with their mother in laws in order to get some tips from them. Of course, it doesn’t always work, usually it creates conflict between eachothers.  

When time has started they have to cook the dishes in a limited time, they start together and have to stop when time ends even they don’t finish the meal properly.  


When time ends, the brides have to stop immediatelly. Dishes are taken by the studio chef in the studio to get them prepared for to taste of the mother in-laws.  

Chef makes the table, the dishes have to look the same. There should not be anything significant between dishes, only the numbers.  

Each mother in-law tastes the dishes one by one without knowing which one cooked by her daughter in-law and also they have to comment about them and voting the meal between 1 to 5. 

On the final day of the week, the bride who takes the highest score, wins the big price. The bride, who gets the weekest points has to farewell to the show with her mother in law. The ones who have not been eliminated from the show, may continue many weeks and have the chance to win the big price every week.