YEAR: 2014


A simple travel show that gives you all the tips for travel by the journalist, editor and humourist Burak Akkul;.  

Since Fabruary 2014; Burak Akkul has been travelling the World with his wife while recording every step… In “Backpacker”, Burak Akkul shares everything about their travels; from start to finish.

How can you get the cheapest ticket to your destination? How can you find perfect accomodations; affordable and central? Where can you eat the most traditional, local and delicious food? How much will you spend during your day? And of course; what all the “must see” places of the city are.

Burak Akkul is a 46 year old humourist. He is a creative writer and has been a media editor since 1991. His knowledge makes the show. He explores the city with his humours style, making dialogs between him and his wife (who is using his presentation camera) worth seeing!

Tokyo, Kyoto, Dubai, New York, Rome, London, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Lviv, Odessa, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Shanghai, Bejing, Belgrad, Beirut… also Turkish cities; İstanbul, İzmir, Trabzon, Edirne… for now more than 60 cities all around the World! With all the travel tips, secret places, and a very enthusiastic host!