YELDA HABER VE GÖRSEL YAYINCILIK A.Ş. (“Kanal D International”, “We” or “Company”), prepared this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) to give information to you on how we collected information through www.kanald.international and other mobile and digital platforms from you and about you within the framework of Personal Data Protection Law 6698, how we use these information and how we share these.

Policy details the principles, which we have adopted, for information collected through our websites, mobile applications and widgets (“Company Service/Services” together).

This Policy and our Cookie Policy , covers all users and visitors including those using Company Services without registering to and becoming member of a Company Service.

1. Your personal data which we share
We collect following information from you and on you:

1.1. Information’s, Which You Shared During Registration / Membership: are the information, which you have provided to use a Company Service or register to or become member of Service (for example: to create an account, to send comment, to get new bulleting or to participate in competition or lottery). Registration information may contain information such as name, surname, electronic mail address, gender, zip code, birthday, mobile and home phone numbers, marital status, length, weight, address, education status, hair color, eyes color, and profession but not limited to these.

1.2. Information received via mobile applications: information, which you shared with us while you are using our mobile applications, may include location information, media files, profiles, people, storage, wireless and Bluetooth connections details etc. information.

1.3. Public information and mails: consist of information about you, which may be together with this mail and content, including the comments and content, which you send, user name, comments, likes, status, profile information and photograph. Mails are always open to public. In other words, everyone may access to these information and may be displayed in search results of external search engines.

1.4. Information received from social media: If you access to or make entry to any Company Service via any social media service or connect a Social Service to any social media account, your user identity and/or your user name, profile picture, electronic mail address or friend list related to this social media service and information, which you make open to public in connection with this social media service, etc. all information and contents, which you permitted social media service to share with us, may take part among the information we collect. When you access to Company Services through social media services or when you connect any Company Service to social media service, you have given Company authorization on collecting, hiding and using all information and contents in compliance with this Policy.

In case you prefer to disclose to public and share your information or personal data so that other visitors or users mat access or see, these information are accepted disclosed by you and they may be used statistics, advertising and promotion purposes without your express consent. Incases your personal data, which you disclosed, are used by third persons or other sites; we do not have any responsibility.

1.5. Activity information: When you access to Company Services or when you use these services, we may collect some information related to your these visits. For example, we may receive and save information on your computer, device and browser including our servers, your IP address, your browser type and your other software or hardware information in order to ensure you connect to Company Services.

1.6. Information collected automatically: We may collect data belonging to you via cookies and other monitoring technologies (beacon, browser cookies, pixels, markers and other cookies). Please examine our Cookie Policy for detailed information for cookies.

2. Our purposes for using your personal data and sharing of data
We use the information, which we collect from you or about you; to increase the user satisfaction; to contact you and inform you about our services to the extent as permitted; to measure and develop the Company Services and behavior; to develop both your online and offline experience in relation with Company Services by serving the content, which is related to you and may draw your interest; to ensure you to give comment on contents and to ensure you to participate in online game, competition and prize programs.

In cases the information collected from you or about you so not disclose your identity, we may use such information for any purpose or share these with third persons.

2.1. We use the information collected from you or about you for these additional purposes: In order to ensure service providers to assist us in serving and managing the Company Services; we may your information to some third person service suppliers such as contractors, agencies or sponsors assisting us in us in serving and managing the Company Services. These service providers cannot use the information belonging to you out of scope of certain service, which they provide to you or Company.

2.1.1. Providing social share functionality: If you enter or connect to any social media service with Company Services, we may share your name, photo, likes, actions and comments, which you make with other Company Services users and with your friends connected with your social media service. If you enter to Company Services with social media service or connect your Company Services account with social media service, this means that you have given authorization to us on sharing the information, which we collect from you or about you, with social media service provider, other users and your friends.

2.1.2. Presenting advertisement: When you use the information, which we collect from you or about you with our service providers, the Company Services or other service, we may use to present the relevant advertisement to you. As mentioned above, in order to present the advertisements closer to your area of interest, third person advertisement networks and advertisers may use cookie or similar technologies to collect and follow the information such as demography information, area of interests, mass information and activities. Please examine our Cookie Policy to get more information.

2.1.3. Sharing with our group companies: With the purposes defined in this Policy, you accept and give approval to this that we may share your information with Doğan Holding Group Companies. The users visiting the services of our Group Companies are advised to examine the related privacy policies because privacy policies of said companies may show differences from this Policy from various aspects.

3. Security
As Kanal D International; we commit to take wider and most suitable security measures by making the analysis of existing information and data values and risk status to protect your information including your personal data in the light of up-to-date technological developments including secure databases, servers, firewalls (security software) and coding of electronic mail information and to notify this issue to personal data owner and competent administrative authorities within shortest period in case information belonging to nay user are stolen, deleted from system or changes as a result of cyber attach by third persons.

For administrative and technical measures we have taken, we recommend you to examine Policy for Processing and Protection of Kanal D International Personal Data.

4. Management of your Information
You may make your requests for personal information, which you have provided directly to us previously, in compliance with rules and procedure stated in Policy for Processing and Protection of Kanal D International Personal Data.

5. Other provisions
5.1. Children
As Kanal D International, our all departments including real and legal persons, which we make cooperation, are aware of sensitivity of personal data of your children and we take care at high level on protection of these data. Sharing the personal data of persons younger than 18 years old within scope of our Company Services is under responsibility of their parents or their legal representatives.

5.2. Updates made in Policy
Company may change unilaterally its other policies including this Policy without informing you in advance.