Daylight, The Victor of Tuesday Night, Kept Viewers Glued to Their Screens

Daylight, the victor of Tuesday night, kept viewers glued to their screens.

Kanal D’s new series Dönence, produced by D Media and directed by Serdar Gözelekli, aired its second episode.


Starring Sümeyye Aydoğan and Caner Topçu, the series dominated the ratings with a 3.89 rating and a 13.95% audience share in the Total category, and a 3.40 rating and a 13.02% audience share in the AB category, placing it at the top. In the 20+ABC1 category, it became the second most-watched production of the day with a 4.05 rating and a 13.70% audience share.

Filmed in the enchanting beauty of Foça, the latest episode of Daylight became the highest-rated episode among summer series.

The new episode of Daylight also caused a stir on social media, dominating the trending topics lists throughout the night.

“It would be better to ask your lover why we fought…”

The highly anticipated teaser for the third episode of Daylight has been released. In the episode, Gece tends to Özgür after his altercation with Emir. Seeing this, Emir’s jealousy towards Özgür escalates, leading to arguments with Gece. The frost between Gülce and Gece begins to thaw, and Gülce tells Gece the truth about Alican.

What will Gece experience caught between Özgür and Emir? How will Ceren’s life be affected by Emir’s actions? Will Gülce and Gece be able to hide the truths about Alican from Verda and Cem? Where is the relationship between Gece and Emir heading? The teaser for the third episode, which has generated significant anticipation, hints at another thrilling installment.

In addition to Sümeyye Aydoğan and Caner Topçu, Dönence features successful names such as Emre Kınay, Atakan Hoşgören, Didem İnselel, Ogün Kaptanoğlu, Ülkü Hilal Çiftçi, Doğa Karakaş, Nazlı Çetin, Berfin Ant, Şebnem Doğruer, Mesut Yılmaz, Edanur Gülbudak, Muammer Tali, and Umut Kaya.

The surprise-filled new episode of Daylight airing on Tuesday, July 18th, at 8:00 PM on Kanal D…