“The Top Rated Stars of 2021” in Turkey “Burcu Biricik” & “Birkan Sokullu”
have been casted together in 2016 as the couple “betrothed in the cradle”.

At this “Dramedy” pointing out an old Turkish tradition “betrothed in the cradle”
and its consequences in the modern life, “Burcu Biricik” acted as “Hulya Camoglu Cevher”
and “Birkan Sokullu” as “Kerim Cevher” the first & ever love of “Hulya”.

In effort to become friends again after a huge dispute Bayram
and his blood brother Salih planed to marry their children to one another.
Even though their children raised in different cities and different circumstances,
they both managed to bring them together.

Kerim who had a separate life in Europe and
Hulya who is raped but continue to live against all odds, have eventually get married.
The laughter is the only key for Hulya to get through all the pains she has had.
“Flames of Desire” continues its journey all around the world.

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